Disenfranchised by the Electoral College, Again

Today, nearly 3 million voters will be disenfranchised by a system which values the votes of some as far greater than others, while those who benefit from this imbalance continue to denigrate the desire to have equal representation for all as if they are uniquely American and that simply living in a rural state ought to afford them greater representation than others.

I live in a state with the largest economy in the country by every measure, but also the largest agricultural industry and massive rural populations. We contribute more to the economy in tax dollars and in GDP, to feeding our fellow Americans, than we receive in turn. In spite of all the jokes about California, and the slurs about us being over-regulated and anti-business, our economy continues to grow, our businesses and universities continue to drive national innovation, we play a lead role in protecting the environment, in civil rights, and we have nearly one in ten Americans within our borders, yet we are expected to accept that our citizens deserve a fractional vote because… what?

Long before this election, and the last, and the one before it, I’ve written at length about this issue, so spare me the accusations that this is a partisan issue.